Wholesale Fuel Supply

Our primary goal is to keep the satisfaction of our corporate customers at the highest level with our quality fuels, safe supply operations, solution oriented and innovative approach As Shell Commercial Fuels Premium Dealer.

Can fuel technology have a real impact on the efficiency and profitability of businesses? We think yes…

As Shell, we continuously invest in Research and Development. Shell Scientists, researchers and engineers; together with experts from different sectors such as universities and vehicle manufacturers, carry out studies that will contribute to the development of enterprises in terms of more fuel economy, longer equipment life and more advanced fuel technologies.

As Shell Commercial Fuels, we supply gasoline, diesel, fuel oil, heating oil and kerosene products to various sectors. In addition to our quality products, you can take advantage of our various services to help you get the best out of these products.

Fuel Technology Makes a Difference

Shell FuelSave Diesel was developed to save fuel:

Fuel savings of up to 3% * - helps prevent buildup of injectors

Lower maintenance costs - helps prevent engine rust and keep the engine clean

More operating hours - less foaming helps speed up fueling

Lower CO2 emissions and smoke - Helps reduce CO2 and black smoke emitted from your company vehicles and equipment ** 

* During the life of the equipment / vehicle. Compared to standard diesel without fuel economy formula, Based on internal test results under normal operating conditions produced by heavy duty diesel engines on the road using Shell FuelSave Diesel.   Savings may vary depending on equipment / vehicle, driving conditions and style.

** For heavy duty engines up to Euro III, including Euro III.

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