Vehicle Identification System

 You can easily manage your fleet without leaving your office with the web site of Vehicle Recognition System and you can benefit from many advantages in your business.

It is the most efficient and easy way to manage your fuel consumption.

Detailed activities related to your vehicles 7/24 offers an online fuel management platform that allows entry.

It allows you to refuel in stations without wasting much time.

Approximately 1000 Shell stations all over Turkey serve their users with vehicle recognition system.

In addition to the benefits it provides during use, With all payments made from a single point, it can offers many advantages to its users with ease of payment regarding accounting with ease of collective invoicing,

Ability to view invoices in pdf format via ECE website,      

Restrictions on the basis of fleet, department or vehicle via Shell and / or ECE website,

Determining whether your vehicle can refuel daily, weekly, monthly and on which day or days,

Providing control of the fuel intake of your vehicles via the web (on the website),

Vehicle Recognition Equipment

Smart Ring: The vehicle is mounted on the opening of the tank lid. It shows where, when and how much fuel the vehicle has received.

It is not connected to the odometer, it cannot count kilometers.

Smart Keychain: No installation is required.

It can be hand-held in the form of a key chain.

Vehicle Identification Unit: Mounted on vehicle. It is connected to the odometer and keeps the mileage information on each fuel intake.

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