Quality Policy

Shell & Turcas Petrol A.Ş. Quality Policy

Our basic principle together with all our employees and dealers; our products and service that meet the established needs and expectations of our customers; Shell quality management system, health, safety, safety and environmental standards; is to ensure continuous, complete and timely.

Continuous improvement of efficiency in our business processes and activities and ensuring customer satisfaction; is based on the values of honesty, moral integrity and respect for people, which are included in our General Business Principles and essence. Trust, openness, team spirit, professionalism and the sense of pride in the work supported by our company are one of the basic principles with these values.

Employee training will be continued at all levels of our organization in order to increase the knowledge of our Company's employees on Quality Management System and system performance improvement, effective management of our business processes and realization of our targets, and the necessary personnel, facilities and resources will be kept ready for use.

As Shell & Turcas Petrol AS; We believe that it has an indispensable importance for the growth and continuity of our success to ensure and maintain the trust of partners, employees, customers and the community in which we operate. We are determined to comply with the standards set out in our principles in order to deserve this trust.


To implement an effective IHS Management System adopted at every stage of the organization in order to comply with the law and improve performance,

To consider rising standards and to set new targets for continuous improvement in this field,

To work with people who know who have the management of IHS in accordance with this policy,

To demand the implementation of this policy from partnerships under operational control and to make efforts to implement the same or similar policy in other initiatives, to

Take into account the performance of IHS in evaluation and awarding, to take an active role in the development of IHS awareness and to meet the needs of personnel training,

To support any cooperation with neighboring facilities, competent authorities and local governments on occupational health, safety and environment issues, to exchange information.


Shell started fuel quality inspections in 1993 as a first in the Turkish fuel sector.

The purpose of mobile laboratories is to check the quality of our fuel oil from the refinery outlet until it enters your vehicle's tank.

Shell` roaming fuel quality control laboratories are in constant motion for all our way stations in a way that they will checke them periodically in Turkey. These vehicles are equipped to test the fuel samples taken from the stations immediately in the vehicle.

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