SHELL LPG (aurogas)

If you use Shell AutoGas, you will be comfortable! Because;

it is High Quality.

It offers the same high quality with every filling. It is a clean fuel because it is double filtered and has EN 589 Standards.

You get full value for your money.

Filling is done with a range of pumps that are regularly maintained and calibrated with above industry standards.

Always Offers High Service Standard.

A high standard of service is always maintained by expert front-field workers trained at Shell Academy.

It is safe.

High security requirements are standard at Shell stations.

It is economical.

It saves more than gasoline vehicles.

It is environmentally friendly.

C, NOx, SOx, and particulate emissions are a clean and green fuel due to low emissions.*

Expert advice to take good care of your vehicle:

We Care About You

Switch off the ignition, do not smoke or use a mobile phone before refueling.

Don't forget to buy gas.

Your vehicle also needs gasoline during the first run. It is recommended that your vehicle is full with a minimum ¼ ratio of the fuel tank.

Use engine oil specially developed for autogas vehicles.

Designed specifically for autogas vehicles, the Shell Helix HX7 G 10 W-40 engine oil helps keep your car's engine clean and improves performance.

Replace your filter at regular intervals.

The life of the filter inside the autogas valve is 15,000 km. Have your filter replaced at an authorized service center at regular intervals.

Your autogas tank must not be 100% full.

The occupancy rate of the autogas tank should not exceed 80-85% for safety reasons. Do not exceed this level by shaking the vehicle or interfering with the buoy

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