Health, Safety and Environment Policy

We are committed to providing energy with responsibility and safety, and to prevent damage to our employees, contractors, local communities and the environment


Safety is our top priority. Everyone who works for us or with us has an important role in making Shell a safer workplace. We expect them to comply with the safety rules and regulations of their work, to intervene to avoid unsafe conditions and to respect the people and communities we work with.


Process safety starts at the initial design stage of plant construction and continues throughout the life cycle; thus, it is ensured that the facilities are operated safely, regularly maintained and inspected in order to detect and intervene with all potential safety hazards.


Road transport is a necessary stage in most of our business activities. In total, Shell employees and contractors drive approximately 1 billion kilometers per year in more than 70 countries, which is equivalent to 70 tours around the world every day. Our philosophy of road safety focuses on risk areas such as the driver's ability, vehicle condition, road conditions and local environment. We also try to reduce the need for priority use of road transport: the safest journey is yet to be reached.


We believe that positive working and living conditions contribute to a safer and more productive working environment.


We carefully evaluate these risks in order to understand and manage the potential health, safety and environmental risks posed by our products. We work closely with our customers and suppliers, monitor changes in the science behind our products, and support research if it helps reduce these risks further.


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