Shell Card is the fuel card for your fleets in Europe and is the first step you can take to manage your fleet with ease.

In addition to its benefits such as ease of payment, security, road services, station network, Shell offers the privilege of fuel oil to your fleet in Europe.

Ease of Payment & Tracking

You can pay for motorway payments, pass through tunnels and bridges and control your payments on a single invoice With Shell Card, which is valid in many countries of Europe.

 You can track VAT refunds and receive them quickly. You can calculate your resources correctly and plan your cash flow more easily. 

Fleet management

While your fleet's vehicles are abroad, you can instantly update the limits of your card via the web system, edit the card balance, request a card and block the card.

The system also provides information flow on consumption reports and transaction information and exemptions.


We use MOBESE cameras and technology that automatically determines all possible negativity  via the Real-Time Detection (RTD) system With Anti-lost, stolen and suspicious card.  The system reviews 160 million transactions every year, warning you as soon as suspicious transactions and allows you to prevent damage.

Road Services

Road taxes are also applicable in all European countries and have different payment options. You can manage all your road services transactions from a single place in a single invoice without the hassle of cash With Shell Card.

VAT refund.

All stages of your VAT refunds are agreed with the relevant authorities and Shell. It gives you the chance to learn the amount and time of the vat you will receive.

  • Net Billing VAT Refund.
    Valid for Shell Card bills and applied in approximately 20 European countries. The VAT refund can be received two weeks after the invoice date.
  • Normal VAT RefundIn this method, the refund will be processed after the VAT has been transferred to your tax office. Required in countries where net billing is not allowed or not possible for your company.
  • Monthly VAT Refundare For customers who sign up for Net Billing. Shell Card is a complementary element for all invoices not covered by the card invoice and VAT refunds are credited to your account every month.

Transaction Tax RefundYou may receive a portion of the transaction tax applied to your diesel fuel purchases. Available in Belgium, France, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia and Spain. You need to register to benefit from tax refund services

Tunnels and Bridges

Access to Europe begins by crossing tunnels and bridges, and these crossings can be very costly. If managed well, you and your company can save you hundreds of euros.

You can pay hundreds of bridges and tunnels in Europe, such as Frejus Card or Brobizz, by using Shell card or other payment methods. All tolls will be credited to your Shell Card account.

Highway devices give you quick access, but avoid significant delays during peak hours. In addition, discounts are often applied on frequent trips and regional traffic

Ferries and Rola

Shell Card is not designed for road trips only. It also gives you the flexibility to pay for your European ferry crossing reservations using your Shell card. You can save time and money for your business using a single invoice for all your travel expenses in Europe using your Shell card. 

It also offers the advantage of easy access to European ferry routes and ROLA services.


With Shell Card, you can take advantage of all the services that P&O Ferries and the major ferry agency Transcamion offer throughout Europe. 

  •  you can benefit from discounted rates (depending on the number of passes) With Transcamion and even change your departure time if necessary.
  • Your drivers can pay directly With P&O Ferries at the terminals using their Shell Card, without having to book in advance. 

ROLA (Truck on train)

Speed limits, weight limits, working hours and environmental concerns are affecting international transport routes. Combining truck and train travel, the ROLA (Rollende Landstraße) can help you save time and money.

Rail Cargo Austria offers the following routes:

  • Salzburg (Austria) - Triest (Italy)
  • Wels (Austria) - Maribor (Slovenia)
  • Wörgl (Austria) - Brenner (Austria)
  • Wörgl (Austria) - Trento (Italy)

Advantages of ROLA:

  • Allows the driver to travel for a predetermined rest period.
  • Provides cost savings including fuel consumption, road taxes and vehicle wear and tear.
  • The truck is exempt from passage restrictions. 
  • It helps to better plan travel and delivery time thanks to the fast passage system from traffic jams and queues at truck checkpoints.


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